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Electrical and Instrumentation

Across the United States and around the world, Zadok’s E&I services help install, maintain, manage and service your equipment to the betterment of your project and your business.  Zadok uses smart strategic planning starting with our in house project management, punctual performance, cutting edge support from our execution teams and management control systems to execute tasks as quickly as possible, tracking and analyzing your progress and performance throughout the project.

E&I Services include but are not limited to:

Equipment Integration

High-quality materials and equipment are essential to the success of your project. Zadok realizes the importance of having the right tools and provides the necessary applications to fulfill and achieve your goals. Some of our application features are dedicated in-house design department, experience in building ATEX and IEC equipment, and broad project-size capacity. We are also capable of handling large projects such as switch gear, generator controls all the way down to PLC’s and VFD drive packages.

Allies in Zadok Application Integration:

  • ABB
  • Siemens
  • Vacon
  • GE


Zadok’s installation teams are well trained technicians that work with your projects teams or your operations group. Our experienced Project Managers along with our Field Engineers assist with the electrical equipment layout. We also work with your team to deduct the most efficient way to execute the electrical and instrumentation side of the install. From the FEED to the COMMISSIONING our guys will be with you every step of the way. Our install team can range from 3-5 techs for offshore projects that require low POB, all the way to 50 man shipyard teams.

Zadok’s teams are trained, qualified and experienced. If you would like a list of our certifications, an overview of our quality control program or and more information, please contact us.


Zadok can also support any of your electrical maintenance needs. We can help you develop your 5 year maintenance plan or provide you with technicians to perform your basic maintenance needs. Zadok can execute maintenance on all of your switchgear and transformers. We are also capable of CB Testing, IR Testing and recertification. Zadok can also help to maintain cold stacked or warm stacked rigs to guarantee lower costs of getting these rigs back into operation quicker and safer.

Our CompEX technicians are also certified and capable to work on maintenance jobs within hazardous zones.

Inspections and Surveys

Electrical integrity is one of our primary focuses at Zadok. Our technicians help to ensure that the electrical integrity of your equipment and cabling is up to standards. Zadok has the ability to ensure that you are compliant with DNV and ABS electrical regulations.

Some of our inspection specialties are EX Zones and registers. We survey to see that cable transits, power and instrumentation cables all run together and inspect harmonic issues. Zadok’s wheel house of knowledge makes our technicians second to none on inspections and surveys.

Field Services

Zadok can assist you from construction to commissioning.  We have skilled man power on staff and able to be deployed almost anywhere in the world.  Zadok provides 24/7 Emergency Service Response Calls and rig electrical services for land rigs, vessels and offshore rigs and platforms. We guarantee rapid response times and our experience combined with the use of the latest technology, ensures you get the highest caliber of service in the field.

Field Service Specializations:

Tiger Teams

When needed, you can also call in Z Tiger Team, our elite unit of Zadok team members. Tiger Team technicians come in the form of a 5 to 20 person team that specializes in punch list resolutions, electrical and instrumentation.

The Tiger Team is perfect for companies who need extra help in between service phases, from construction to commissioning. Zadok’s Tiger Team can also save you millions of dollars by getting an off schedule project back on track in a short amount of time.

Take control of your projects. Turn lost time into project success with Z Tiger Team.



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